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De Paul School Msamala is located in a beautiful, twelve acres of land on the side of National Highway going from Songea to Darsalam. It is just 3 km away from the Bombambily parish.
For a better understanding of the functioning of the school it is useful to know the educational system here inTanzania. Same as in India, children after two years of kindergarten, go to the next stage of schooling that is called Primary School which lasts for seven years i.e., from Std I to Std VII. Then the next stage which is called Secondary School lasts for another six years i.e. from FORM I up to FORM VI. And those who complete FORM VI go for their University Level Studies. The medium of language in Secondary Schools all over Tanzania is English. Those who complete FORM VI are entitled to work as teachers.
At our De Paul Campus in Msamala we have all the three stages of schooling, i.e. One Kindergarten School, one Primary School, which has reached up to Std IV, and which we have decided to develop upto Std. VII. Then we have also a Secondary School which has reached up to FORM IV, and which we hope to complete till FORM VI in the near future. At present the total strength of the students in the school is 600. There are three sisters from India and Ethiopia, belonging to the Congregation of Franciscan Sisters of St. Mary of the Angels, helping academically in the School. All other teachers are local Tanzanians, from Songea. In the same campus we have also a hostel which accommodates nearly 100 children of both boys and girls, who are studying in our School. It is adjacent to this campus, the proposed new house for the mission or regional- superior, is being built.


De Paul Hostel and the Mission superior's house are located three kilometers away from the De Paul School Msamala, and are situated in a 10 Acres of land surrounded by beautiful hills and valleys.
It is a hostel for boys who are studying in primary and secondary schools. At present there are nearly 50 students. People come from very far places like Darsalam, seeking admission in this hostel as it is well-known for its discipline. It is an important ministry through which we help the young boys to orient their life in a proper way. As demand for admission in the hostel is on the increasing, we are thinking of ways and means to extend the hostel building

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