St. Karoli Lwanga Catholic Church,  Mpepai


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Kanisa Katoliki
Mpepai S.L.P. 125


Phone : +255786879474

St. Karoli Lwanga Catholic Church Mpepai is one of the 26 Parish churches in the remote diocese of Mbinga. It is situated in a remote and mountainous village, 32 kms away from the nearest town Mbinga. Mbinga is a place which is located nearly 1100 km away from the Air port in Dar Es Salaam . And it is almost two days of Travel from Dar to Mpepai. Mpepai parish is close to the heart of Vincentians here, as it is the first place where the Vincentians began their real mission in Tanzania . From the very beginning of its erection as a parish, it was entrusted to the care of Vincentians. But lack of personnel in the mission forced the Congregation to give back the Parish to the Diocese for a period of 3 years. The increase in the number of the priests in the mission from 2007-2009 helped the congregation to take back the parish under the care of Vincentians from 25th of May 2009. Now, under the leadership of Fr. Pichai Pillayi, the parish priest, Vincentians' presence is again being felt in this Parish. The parish has 20,000 baptized Catholics living in 11 substations. We serve the people, not only in their spiritual needs but also in their material needs like providing shelters and other basic needs of life.

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